I am  a writer, but more importantly, a foodie. How can you not be living in a city like Melbourne? Every day holds an opportunity to find a new gem, and in between uploading photos of my cat to Instagram and generally making a mess in the kitchen, I’m on the lookout for the next tummy-satisfying diamond. Or goldmine—I’m not fussy.

I love creating unique content, that goes a little deeper than merely scratching the surface of what’s widely accessible. The best bit of what I do is talking to people, and finding out so much more than simply: ‘Why did you want to be a chef?’

Through being a Deputy Editor at GRAM Magazine, a Content Manager at Foro, and running my own blog, Foodie Writings, I strive to share some of the fascinating encounters I experience.

Previous publications include Broadsheet, The Urban List and Beat Eats.

I’m also experienced at brand design and growth, social media curation, editorial management, photography and even recipe development!

While I’m mad about food, I also have a rather generous supply of passion leftover for wine, travel and animals.

If you would like to see my rate card for freelance jobs, please contact me here.