Here you will find a collection of my published work across lifestyle, hospitality and travel.

Not all of my work is listed here—otherwise you’d be scrolling for days—so if there’s something specific you’re looking for, drop me a line.

content created for:


Gram Magazine is a street press based in Victoria, Australia. Themed around food culture, Gram covers industry insights, the latest news and openings, restaurant, cafe, bar and beverage reviews, and a calendar of what’s on in Melbourne. With issues printed monthly, this free mag is found in cafes, bars and stores around both inner city and the suburbs. You can also discover Gram content online.

Beautiful Accommodation

Beautiful Accommodation is an online travel platform designed to help Australians discover their next unforgettable getaway. With bookable boutique stays, the website is filled with inspirational travel content. From the beginning of your planning, find out where you want to escape to, and then what to do, see, and eat on your next adventure.

Foodie Writings Blog

Foodie Writings is a blog I created when I first entered the world of writing, covering the world of hospitality both in Melbourne and on my travels worldwide. I now mostly manage the brand through Instagram, and you can find me at @foodiewritings.


Foro was an online marketplace designed to bridge the gap between hospitality businesses with their suppliers. I headed the editorial content and direction on the site, creating content surrounding hospitality industry insights from a business perspective. Unfortunately Foro is not currently live, but you can read a snapshot of the articles produced for the brand below.


Broadsheet is an online culture and lifestyle journal that reports on the best things to do, see, eat and discover in your city. I produced a number of pieces for Broadsheet covering new openings and offerings in Melbourne’s hospitality scene.

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